Budget Interview

I interviewed Dave Morrey, co-owner of Jensen MM custom homes. Which is a custom home construction business. When I asked him about budget he said it is everything. Most of the business done with the customer and with the sub contractors is all about getting the most out of your budget. First you set the budget with the customer, then it is up to you to make sure that you stay under the budget. You have to negotiate with the sub contractors and get the best price. The better the price the more you bring home. Another big part of meeting budget is to minimize mistakes. Mistakes, for the most part, eat large holes into the budget. By avoiding mistakes, it becomes easier to stay under the budget. When compared to my own profession, it is pretty much the same. The more you are under budget the more you bring home. 

Week 9

This week sucked, because staffing is hard. I always knew it was tough, but until the activity where we had to come up with. I knew there were a lot of things to consider but when it came to connecting the different details and forming a schedule. It is tough to meet the needs of patients and also the staff as well. I just think about the needs of the staff where I work and at times it seems like a nightmare. The activities changed how I look at the subject of staffing. It made me appreciate our supervisors and how well they do with out schedules. What I learned is the amount of time and attention that goes in to making schedule. I also learned that when I am in that situation to make sure that the needs of the patients are met, and to do my best to meet the needs of the staff as much as possible. 

Week 8

What I learned this week was not really topic related, but more about the importance of other people’s input and opinions. During our team discussion this week, we were all talking about the same topic, but it was great to see the different takes and experiences on the topic. It has been in the mix for awhile that they are pushing to bachelor educated nurses. I have learned and heard of the changes happening in nursing. So I was not surprised to hear of the changes, but it is great to see the steps that healthcare is taking to increase the nurses role in patient care and their relationship with providers and more responsibility. The material is great to learn about because it is starting to unfold right in front of me. I am starting to see the changes in nursing in healthcare. It is fun to be apart of these changes.

Week 7

What I learned from this week of assignments was from the interview. I was able to get a better idea how to handle the situation of letting people go. I had never thought about how the way you handle is totally dependent on the situation, with it either being business related or personnel related. That was interesting to learn about. The team activity was the discussion about budget cuts backs and it was interesting to see how every saw the budget differently. What I learned about was to always look at with other people. They can provide a different perspective and help you see better options. Overall I enjoyed the material, it was eye opening and helpful to learn what to do in those situations. 

Firing Interview

Jason Nelson is the person I interviewed. He works for a marketing agency called Qualtrics. In his position he has hired and fired employees. When interviewing him, he said that it depends on the type of situation. He said the dynamic changes weather or not it is employee based or company based. He said when budget cuts need to be made we focus on the fact that the it is due to the company and usually there is a severance package involved that lessens the blow of the news. But when it is due to poor performance it is usually direct to the point. They show by the numbers what the problem is and help them see the problem. They understand it is difficult situation to be in for everyone involved, again the severance package helps a bit, but they are always uncomfortable. 

Week 6

I learned quite bit this week. The importance of performance reviews, and how they help keep the employees and employers on the same page. From the movie I realized the decisions that have to be made in order to keep someone alive and how it effects not just the patient but also the family involved. The team assignment helped learn some good questions about discipline, it gave me some good things to think about if I am ever in that position. I also saw that although it may not be an easy thing to do, letting an employee go or disciplining that employee, but in the long run it can be more helpful for the company and other employees. Not fun stuff to go over but I am glad I went over now to get different opinions about the subject. 

Performance Appraisal Interview

I interviewed Doug Mitchell, who is one of the lawyers from the law firm Mitchell and Crunk back east in Georgia. They have two branches and about 15 employees ( some as needed employees.) When I asked him about performance reviews, he stated that it is very informal. They do not have an official time of the year where they sit the employees down and tell them what they did well and what they can work on. He says that they sit mainly will talk about issues when they arise and that they also will give praise when they have done well. When they do decide to give a raise to an employee, they will call them and have a little chat which mainly consists of good things they have done, and potential added responsibilities. What I learned from him is that he is constantly doing performance reviews. He is always watching for good things that his employees are doing and also watching for issues that may arise. He kind of keeps a mental note of good and bad things that happen, and based off of that he will decide if they deserve praise or discipline.  

Week 5

I have never really understood the reason for performance interviews. They have always seemed a little pointless. So I learned how they are the facilities way to view how your employees are doing. It keeps them more involved with their employees. The activities were fine. I learned some good perspectives from my team members about how to deal with a problem with an employee, when I really had no good ideas on what to do with the situation. What I learned was how to handle situations with employees and questions that can be asked during a review. Both of which I am sure I will deal with in the future in some way or another. What I like about this material is it is a great way for the facility to monitor the growth and improvement of it’s employees or lack there of, and ways they can keep helping them improve. 

Week 4

What I learned this week is the different questions that could be, and have been asked in interviews. Reading these questions has helped me better prepare myself for interviews, either giving or being interviewed. That exposure to the interviews will help me show more confidence and prepared in future interviews. I realized how important interviews can be. You can find out a lot more about a candidate than I realized. The next time I have an interview or I am conducting an interview, I will use this information throughout the interview. So all in all this information has been very useful. Because I think I will use it throughout my career. 

Week 2 Personality Test

After taking the DISC personality test, I found out that I am a influential type leader. Upon hearing this information, it has not really surprised me. It makes sense to me. The characteristics I generally show in my leadership are by example, which is a way to be influential. I think this has made me more aware of my leadership style. With this new information I will try to become more influential and lead by example.